Procurement Services

We enhance your company's current procurement capabilities by offering strategic sourcing and procurement expertise and acting as an extension to the internal Procurement team.


Consolidation Services

Cargo consolidation is an easy way to save time and money when handling multiple orders for export. We can consolidate multiple orders from different suppliers or shippers into one shipment to the destination of your choice.


Training & Development

Using our resources and experiences, we’ll create and deliver customized training programs and productivity tools for your leadership and team.



Materials Inspection

Are you ordering high value inventory or supplies in the U.S. and would like to have someone on the ground inspect and verify your order? We can provide field or dock inspection for your orders before they ship from the supplier or the shipping carrier.


Logistics Support

We efficiently manage your goods and distribution flow across the supply chain by leveraging inbound logistics to save on warehousing and inventory control, while still delivering goods on-time and on-budget.


Project Management

When there is a need for custom fabrication or special orders, we can connect you with a network of custom fabricators and manufacturers and provide full service oversight of your project materials and componet procurement.


Shopping Services

Whether you need personal effects or supplies for your business, we handle shopping of general merchandise, household items, tools, office supplies, appliances, among others. Just tell us what you need and we will do all the work and get it to you.


Trade and Commerce Consulting

Whether you have a small business or purchase for major projects, we can support you in an advisory capacity or augment staff to fill organizational voids. We serve as an extension to your purchasing department, helping them find the best solution to your needs in the quickest time.

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