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Focal Management Consulting creates a better world by helping businesses grow and succeed. In doing so, we are impacting people's lives, which in turn impact their family, team, customers, and community.

Our clients include homeowners, building contractors, manufacturers, developers, architects, interior designers, hotels, resorts, restaurants, beauty salons, dentists, attorneys, daycares, food & beverage distributors, hardware stores, aluminum & glass fabricators.

We offer business productivity tools, training & development, and purchasing consultation. Our services are customized representing our clients’ best interests in  getting their business and organization to the next level.

My Story

My career in business began in 2000 working for a private family owned conglomerate whose second generation owners determined that ensuring success and sustainability for generations meant reinventing their business strategy and reorganizing subsidiaries into independent profit centers.  To this end, I was selected as one of five outside family general managers to attend MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge MA and head up what would become five distinct companies.  Little did I know at the time, this experience would prepare me well for what I would later identify as my passion...helping make things better for people. 

Meet Charles


Charles Woods



Charles (Chuck) Woods helps make things better for you so that you and your family can have more time, freedom and money to enjoy life.

He has served as general manager for manufacturing and distribution companies. In moments of chaos or crisis, people come to him for advice. Analytical, calm and purposeful, Chuck likes to take a quiet approach to challenges and keeps his cool even in the toughest of situations. When everyone else is getting agitated, he is coming up with a workable solution and is passionate about helping people and businesses get ahead.

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